About the Authors


I am a graphic designer and systems thinker with a passion for communicating and practicing sustainability. I hold a Master of Art in Sustainable Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, USA. My desire is to help businesses and organizations successfully communicate and implement sustainable strategies, while helping to shift consumer attitudes and behaviors. In 2016, I co-founded Humbleweed Creative, a partnership of socially and environmentally-minded designers working to create a healthier, happier world through design.



I am a sustainable designer with a life-cycle design approach. I hold a Masters degree in Sustainable Design and Eco-innovation from the University of Camerino, Italy. I believe innovation can be guided by nature but should be respectful of it, which is why in recent years I developed projects about ethical and sustainable food; spread the main concepts of sustainable design through teaching and writing; and have become truly passionate about biomaterials. In 2011, I co-founded the design collective Nuup, Sustainable Creativity, a network of creative professionals that focuses on spreading and promoting sustainable behaviors and tools.



I am an architect, an eco-designer and an eco-blogger. I hold a PhD in Industrial Design and Multimedia and Visual Communications. My job is to find sustainable design strategies and tools for the dissemination of the Cradle to Cradle design method, working towards a zero waste strategy. I have been Italy’s liaison for the o2 Global Network since 2003; in charge of Anima Mundi in the Sicily area (a social cooperative for education, communication and training about sustainability) since 2012; and a Zero Waste activist since 2013.